When an outfit gave me confidence…

Although you might think a person who starts a fashion blog must be a confident, assured person – you’re wrong. I really struggle with my self confidence and find some days extremely difficult. I think social media only makes this feeling worse when it’s so easy to see ‘likes’ as a reflection of your worth. You see all the examples of perfection on your feed and feel like you just can’t live up to them. Even though I know its stupid to feel this way, I do. Recently I’ve been doubting myself so much, wondering if I was stupid for starting this blog as I feel like I’m neither pretty nor do I have a great body.

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My winter outfits in Austria / Germany!

So here I am with my first ever official blog post (oooh!) I’m really nervous about starting this new journey so thank you all for your support so far in helping me set up this blog, I really am so grateful (cheese!!!)

I got back from Austria on Wednesday this week and although I have a stack load of uni work waiting for me to start, I’ve been desperate to get this blog post out as I’m so excited to show you all what I’ve been wearing while I’ve been away – am I the only one this obsessed with clothes? Lol. It was freezing the entire time we were gone, around -5 degrees or less each day, so it was a great opportunity for me to get all my warmest gear out (although lets not lie in England we pretty much need our warmest gear for 10 months of the year too haha).

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Starting a blog?!?



So here I am, writing a blog post. I’ve been debating for the past few months whether or not I had the guts to do it, but here I am!

My name is Lydia. I’m a third-year history student looking for a new outlet for my procrastination (lol). I love fashion and travelling, but at the same time, have no money and an overwhelming debt on my shoulders. So how is it I afford to travel, look good and still have money to live?

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