When the weather isn’t on your side…

Hello all!!!

It’s been another week between me posting and I’m sorry about the lack of content… my dissertation is due THIS FRIDAY and I am SO looking forward to putting it behind me. I honestly don’t even know what it’s about anymore… legit 10,000 words of rambling :))) Regardless of all the stress, summer fever has truly hit home for me the past week – I even procrastinated as far as switching my winter/summer wardrobe!

However… it’s appeared that lil flux of heat we got in England last week was actually a fluke and probably the last bit of sun we’ll see for a good while. Nonetheless, I’ve decided the weather (/hypothermia) isn’t gonna stop me from pretending summer isn’t on the way!


I’ve been really struggling to pair some outfits this past week that are simultaneously ‘Spring-y’ while also warm. It’s hard not to resort to a black polar neck and a beret again when the high temp is 6 degrees and breezy (really tho… why England??!) However, I’ve been loving coloured denim jackets recently, and this white one from Primark is a Spring/Summer staple! Plus, it’s only £12, and I picked up the matching denim skirt for £8!


I’ve been loving the vintage pieces from the amazing Colour Me Vintage, which is where I got this beauuuutiful 80’s polka dot button down skirt. It was only £15 with free postage, PLUS they give 20% off if you follow them on Instagram! Which for me, made this skirt just £12 including postage… an absolute steal, right?! They have a few similar polka dot skirts like this one, and I think it adds a fun ‘pop’ to the outfit… if that makes sense haha.


Normally in Spring/Summer, I don’t really like wearing a jacket with my outfit (hence the hypothermia situation), but I think a light/colourful jacket can really just make the outfit. Plus, it really did keep me warm! I might actually be coming round to jackets a lil bit more now. Keep your eyes peeled for how much this one will creep back into my next few Spring/Summer/what-even-is-this-weather outfits!

Hopefully the next time we speak, I’ll be DISSERTATION/UNI FREEEE. I’m actually so excited at the thought of it. I’m off to Morocco a week tomorrow too!!! So near yet so far. I’d love any suggestions if you have any! Speak soon,


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