What I’ve learned from the past

Hello and Happy International Women’s Day to all you inspiring ladies out there!!

As a history student, I can very much appreciate all that women have done for the world and a day of celebration is great to take a moment and be thankful for the amazing women of the past, present and future. I’d like to think we live in a world where we can all support one another and be proud of how far we have come and work towards the future.

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I’d like to talk about an important issue which I think I have learned from studying history (…wait? I actually learned something?!!?) When I look at the past, I see so many people conforming to what other people (be it society, their partner, their family) wanted for them. This is the same for men and women alike… there has always been some kind of ‘standard’ to live up to, some ‘goal’ to aspire to achieve.

This needs to end.

Processed with VSCO with c8 presetI mean, everyone has their own aspirations for themselves, but so often we find ourselves aiming for what society deems ‘perfection’. I struggle with this myself. It’s hard to not see yourself as a failure when there is always someone better, prettier, smarter than you… and it takes it’s toll.

But what I’ve learned from history is that it’s not always being ‘the best’ which makes you special, or inspirational, or unique. In fact – it’s the opposite! I really hope that by me writing here, being honest and imperfect, I may actually help someone who struggles with the same insecurities.

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I’m a very imperfect person. I mean, just LOOK at those awkward, embarrassing, ridicccculous shaving cuts on BOTH my legs!! Looooool. I mean, why??!! (maybe if I wasn’t so damn impatient when it comes to shaving my legs I wouldn’t have this problem but, HEY.)

Anyway, I think to myself, this is who I am – I’m doing what I love and enjoy and hoping that in the process it will be enjoyable for people out there to read. I love fashion, especially vintage stuff, and pursuing this passion – regardless of how imperfectly I’m doing it – is what I have learned from the past… to just go for what makes you happy. (Actual words of wisdom, clearly 27 grand of uni fees paid off lmao).

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SO, I just wanted to write this post for all you ladies who continue to inspire me every day – thank you! I hope we can all work together to improve and better ourselves in our own unique way.



Dress – British Heart Foundation
Shoes – TkMaxx
Beret – Kangol – Ebay
Necklace – Willowbrook Hospice


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