Styling a Statement Piece


So I am just rubbish at this blogging thing. I tell myself I’ll publish every weekend (an easy enough target, right?) then somehow its the Thursday AFTER that weekend and I’m like “erm what?” HOW is it March by the way?! It was only New Year like, yesterday?!? I’ll be officially finished at uni next month as well, which is quite simply the scariest thought ever… send help lol.

Aaaaanyway – I combined taking photos for my blog with a library visit last week (I deserve a medal yep) and it was an unusually sunny day in Liverpool! I’m SO ready for Spring / Summer and being (slightly) warmer… especially with all this snow now!


So, my post today is all about how I styled this very bold jacket! I bought it for £15 from Red Brick Vintage (an amazing warehouse of vintage clothes in Liverpool’s Baltic Triange). With anything like this, I think it deserves to stand out and be complimented by the rest of your outfit. For me, simplicity here is key – a simple black high neck, some culottes and a chunky waist belt meant the jacket got all the attention it deserved!


I paired it with a black beret (obviously) and some simple sunglasses (these were £2 from Primark and look exactly like these ones from Ray Ban! This is great for me coz I tend to lose/break/sit on things very easily hahaha… I wish I was joking). I got these earrings for 50p in St Rocco’s Hospice charity shop too and I’ve been obsessed. They’re called ‘ball drop’ earrings and you can get similar pairs on eBay here!


I think the ‘all black’ thing goes really well with this outfit, but I also think one pop of colour (maybe a coloured beret, shoes or earrings, for example) would’ve looked good too! I’m gonna be experimenting with my style coming into Spring and I’m really excited to start wearing more pastels and colour as well :))))

Thanks again for reading and all your continuous support – I’m so grateful for it! Let me know what you’d like to hear from me next in the comments below and please subscribe to get updates on when I’ll be posting!



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