What I wore in Lincoln!


It’s me againnnn, not posting on time as usual 🙂 I’d play the ‘I’m so busy’ card again but – honestly – it’s more that I’m just dozy and forgetful! I’ve been on reading week from uni this week and I’ve had lots of work to do – of course this is when the weather pipes up and starts being sunny to tempt me away!! When summer comes and I’m finally free it will be raining every day – just you wait!!

So last weekend, I went on a trip to Lincoln with Mike thanks to some Airbnb credit we had (if you haven’t already, you need to sign up and book yourself a cheap lil get away!) It was really nice to just forget about work for a weekend and enjoy visiting a new place. I’d wanted to visit Lincoln for ageeees due to it being mentioned in one of my Medieval History seminars with regard to Aaron of Lincoln, a Jewish guy who was rich af in the 12th century and even had his own seperate division of the exchequer lol. I’ve linked his wiki if (like me) you love random facts about history haha.

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Not only was Lincoln interesting, it was also incredibly beautiful and scenic, with lots of little independent shops and cafes. The most picturesque street was the one above ‘Steep Hill’, where I decided to wear these cute (but painful) vintage heels, which were £3.29 in Extra Care charity shop. My skirt was £2.99 in the British Heart Foundation, as was my dark brown real suede trench coat – originally from M&S but in the charity shop for £8.


I paired this yellow bag with my outfit, which was £1.50 from Barnardo’s charity shop as well as a simple black beret (vintage Kangol one off eBay) and some ball drop black earrings. All together, the entire outfit was just under £20!! The only complaint I have was that I was freezing (although that’s more the UK’s fault for being so cold… come on, it’s nearly Spring?!)

Although I got blisters on my ankles, it was completely worth it and I loved seeing Lincoln. I will definitely be back… especially as it had loaaaads of charity shops too 😉 Plus, our Airbnb was amazing and had this incredibly cute swing in front of the house… need I say more. Our host was also really nice and let me play her piano / use the jacuzzi bath! You can find it here!


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed being a history nerd in Lincoln! Let me know what you think below. Have you ever been to Lincoln? Where else in the UK do you like to visit?



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