Simply does it!

I think we often think to look good we have to wear our best clothes, the most interesting and unusual pieces. However, I think sometimes we forget that going back to basics can be beautiful too. For example, black & white are some of the best colours to pair with anything- you can’t go wrong with some plain coloured tees!


This Saturday I had a poke round Manchester’s vintage and charity shops as an excuse to take my simple outfit to the streets:


I am wearing a plain black high neck from Primark, some high waisted flared black pants from Missguided and a chunky waist belt (50p from St Roccos!) On top I added this amazingggg plaid/chequered wool coat which is from Tommy Hilfiger – which I scored in Age Uk for just £20! To tie it all together, a red lip and red beret (mine was £4 from Ebay) made the whole outfit so much more stand out. I think the fact it is so simple makes it so much better!

5E9034E6-C19D-4A1F-9A13-5E65B9C889FD.jpegAll in all, I think we need to bring back the basics. You honestly can’t go wrong with block colours, and most definitely not with black & white!

What do you think? Would you wear this outfit?

I’ll be writing a post on travel later this week so make sure you keep posted. Thanks so much for reading as always!



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