Charity / Vintage Shop Haul – A Day of Finds


I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time! Although I like to pretend I’m living the dream, in reality I actually spend 99% of my time procrastinat- I mean… doing uni work. Last summer I made the ridiculous decision to take on two dissertations in my final year. Seriously. Why did I do this to myself?! 🙂

Visual representation of me and my uni work 🙂

So, in the midst of all this stress, I decided there was no time better than to reward myself with a day off to go shopping…. lol seriously. I spent yesterday mooching round Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle and Bold Street to see how many great things I could find in just one day!

image 7image9

I was truly in heaven in Red Brick Vintage in the old Cains Brewery building. Made up of lots of different stalls of vintage furniture and clothes (as well as tamagotchis!!) I could seriously spend forever in here… even if it was freezing! Although a fair bit more pricey than a charity shop, I thought it was still reasonable and the experience a lot more pleasant.
Here’s what I got:


This beauttttiful 90s style floral dress, which was £18. I have a thing recently for maxi dresses paired with a good ‘ol turtle neck and chunky belt. This one has a really nice pattern and I loved the colours paired with a beige beret. What I like most is that once it gets a little warmer, it will look just as nice on its own too!


And this true 1980s chequered blazer with a velvet collar, which was £15. I’ve been after a blazer like this for agessss and it was love at first sight with this one! I think it looks amazing paired with a simple dress and black beret, then a bold red lip. Plus these earrings (which were 50p from St Rocco’s charity shop!)


We then walked up to Bold Street, which is renowned for Liverpool’s best vintage and independent shops – as well as amazing charity shops! This huge Oxfam was an absolute treasure chest of incredible vintage pieces for a good price. The lady at the till told me they get all the vintage stock here to appeal to the much younger shoppers – which is great for us!


I got this gorgeous true vintage maxi skirt for £6.99, and this amazingggg ‘Sound of Music‘ style maxi dress for £11.99! I absolutely love both of these pieces which I think will be so nice for Spring. I’m really loving long skirts and dresses recently and think they are so flattering for your figure. Plus, it’s a great way to feel feminine and also keep warm!


I also got these really cool chequered, vintage 80s St Michael’s pants which were £6.99, and this 90s Kangol beret for £3.99. I absolutely love the pants, which have a super high waist, and they are as comfy as wearing PJs! I paired mine with a big belt, a plain white turtle-neck and some slip on pointy shoes. I think I may have a bit of a beret obsession… but who doesn’t want one in EVERY colour… right?

So – a very successful day of shopping! Even though city centres and vintage shops have a higher ticket price than other places, I think you can find some really beautiful pieces which will only grow in value the older they get (that’s what I keep telling myself anyway!) I’m really happy with all my new buys and can’t wait to wear them all.

Have you ever been to Liverpool’s charity and vintage shops? What would you like to hear from me next? I’m planning on posting every weekend, so feel free to comment or DM me on Instagram your thoughts!


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