The DOs and DON’Ts of Charity Shop Shopping!

Hello all!

So, despite my New Years Resolution being to dedicate more time to my blog, third-year uni work has thoroughly engulfed me so far. I have a 5000 word essay due on Thursday that I’d neglected over Christmas and which I am now regretting… very VERY much.

Anyway, as a break from crying over my essay (I so wish this was a joke lol), I am FINALLY getting round to writing this blog post I have been really excited about creating!! The Dos and Don’ts of charity shop shopping!

I spent an afternoon searching a street of charity shops and found some pretty amazing pieces thanks to some great tips I’ve discovered along the way. Firstly;


Look through every rail of clothing (even mens!) as the best things are often hidden among other not-so-great pieces. For example, this gorgeous vintage black maxi dress which was among a bunch of old night dresses!



Just look for your size. Although I’m normally an 8 – 10/12 in most things, I found that most of the vintage gems were in larger sizes… but don’t let that stop you! Not only are some vintage sizes smaller than our sizes today, you can also sinch a lot of things in with a chunky belt… actually adding to the look. These two shirts I found were a size 16, but I think they look great:




Consider accessories! I think a lot of people forget to have a look through the jewellery, belts and bags in charity shops when there are so many great things to find. Best of all, most accessories are less than £1, regardless of the quality. I’ve found lots of vintage earrings, rings and belts hidden in the midst of all the donated goods.


Be afraid to take your time and look through EVERYTHING. Finding great items of clothing in charity shops isn’t easy – you need to spend time looking through all the racks and rails but it is most definitely worth it! The volunteers won’t be offended – in fact, many of the volunteers in my local charity shop even help me to pick things out! My favourite pieces have been this set of earrings (99p) and this lovely real leather belt (£1):



Go into a charity shop with an agenda to find something particular, you’ll probably be disappointed. Let yourself be open to anything and you might be surprised what you end up finding and loving! For example, this striped shirt and cord blazer that I wasn’t sure would suit me, which I now really like:



Know what is worth buying from the label. For example, buying second-hand Primark stuff is just not worth the time or money. Nor is buying anything made of not-so-great/cheap fabric. Try and find items which are true vintage – where you’ll not only find style but quality. If you’re unsure, just check (google even) the label!!


I hope this post will help you have a better search next time you go to the charity shop. Just remember, it isn’t easy, but finding great pieces is really rewarding – and you’re giving to a charity! Most importantly, don’t be afraid to get stuck in and enjoy the process as well. I’m really excited to style some of the new pieces I’ve found for some new features for 2018.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and please let me know your thoughts! After my submission deadline, I’m hoping to have a little more free time for shoppi- I mean, hobbies (lol). I’d really like to know what you want to hear/see from me this year, so if you have an idea leave it for me below,



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