Coming into 2018 in style!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!……… 3 days late.

Is it just me or should the New Year not officially start until a few days after 1st January? I’m completely not ready to come out of Christmas hibernation yet and face the terrifying pile of uni work I have left until the last minute… hahahahahelp.


HOWEVER – the end of Christmas does mean SALESSSS and charity shops opening again, so I guess there’s some silver lining somewhere. I found some amazing new pieces that I put together on New Years Eve on a day out to Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire:


Anddddd the Baker Boy cap is out again! I feel like this hat is going to end up glued to my head like that Danny Devito scene in Matilda hahaha. I got it for £5 second-hand off Depop – these things are strangely quite expensive new! With it I wore the most amazing moleskin brown trench coat which I got from Willowbrook Hospice charity shop for £8. I also got some charity shop bargains with these gold hoops earrings for £1 (Honey Rose Foundation) and chunky brown belt for 50p (St Rocco’s)! My pinafore was in the TKMaxx sale for £11.99 as well as my boots which were £21 down from £60! I love the fact that they’re zip up but give the impression of being lace up (for lazy gals like me lol). Although I look a little like a child awaiting evacuation in WWII, I really liked this outfit!
Instagram helped me solve my outfit dilemma for seeing in the New Year. I had a choice between a long velvet dress I’d found in St Rocco’s for £10, or a sparkly backless one from Willowbrook Hospice for £3.50, and 74% chose the one below. If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram (@lydiajanealice) to help me with future outfit dilemmas!


For £3.50, this vintage Topshop dress is so beautiful and perfect for seeing in the New Year. Although I was initially self-conscious about exposing my I-ate-my-bodyweight-in-chocolate-this-Christmas back, I ended up really loving the style. My aim for 2018 is to become more confident and I think we all need to stop criticising ourselves so much (easier said than done).

This year I’ve made it my goal to develop this fashion blog and share my travels with you along the way. I have some exciting ideas lined up but I could also really do with your support, advice and ideas! What would you like to see from me in 2018?


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