My winter outfits in Austria / Germany!

So here I am with my first ever official blog post (oooh!) I’m really nervous about starting this new journey so thank you all for your support so far in helping me set up this blog, I really am so grateful (cheese!!!)

I got back from Austria on Wednesday this week and although I have a stack load of uni work waiting for me to start, I’ve been desperate to get this blog post out as I’m so excited to show you all what I’ve been wearing while I’ve been away – am I the only one this obsessed with clothes? Lol. It was freezing the entire time we were gone, around -5 degrees or less each day, so it was a great opportunity for me to get all my warmest gear out (although lets not lie in England we pretty much need our warmest gear for 10 months of the year too haha).


DAY 1 –
Golling Waterfall and Hallstatt


This outfit was muchhh warmer than it looks! I wore a basic Primark black turtle neck (£4) paired with a cool vintage aztec wool skirt I found in the charity shop Age UK for £3! On top I had the most amazingggg faux fur coat from Marno Mink Glenn Models which I got for £8 (!!!!) in St Rocco’s charity shop (which is based in Warrington). They actually had a selection of around 8 faux fur coats all for under a tenner and I fell in love with this one, which proved extremely warm for the freezing Austrian climate! My beret was from TKMaxx for £5.99 and my earrings were from the British Heart Foundation charity shop for 99p!!


DAY 2 –
Berchtesgaden National Park

And the baker boy hat makes an appearance again! If you follow me on Instagram I think this hat is in about 99% of my photos hahaha. You can’t go wrong with it though (especially when you bought it for £5 second-hand on Depop!) I’m also wearing a vintage cable-knit jumper from Topman which I bought in St Rocco’s (again!) for £2. I paired it with my classic mom jeans from Pull & Bear with a chunky belt which – honestly – can make you look so much slimmer when (like me) you’re wearing 100 layers. I went wrong not covering up my cold hotdog ankles though!!


Anniversary Meal

On the evening of December 18th I went out to Berchtesgaden old town to celebrate my four year anniversary with Mike. Soooo what do you wear to a nice restaurant when it is minus a hundred in the night!?! I got this dress in the TKMaxx sale for £25 (expensive for me haha) but it is honestly such a beautiful piece. It has the most beautiful embroidered flowers and sits just below the knee which I think is so flattering. I paired it with my black fur coat (again!!) and this really cute round bag from St Rocco’s for £3!!!

P.s. I had to wear walking boots because the snow was tooooooo deep for anything else! I brought some nice shoes to wear but had to abandon ship because snow on bare feet would NOT have been fun haha! Regardless, I got these boots second-hand on Depop for £20 – they’re fleece-lined, vintage real leather walking boots and seeing as though I still have all my toes, they seem to have done the job!


DAY 3 –
Salzburg Christkindlmarkt

In all seriousness I think I ate about 10,000 calories this day – is it just me or is Christmas the best time of year for food?! For the Christmas markets in Salzburg, I wore the most amazing pants from Marie Curie which I bought for £2 paired with another Primark basic white top. I tucked the top into the high waisted pants and paired it with a belt (which was a hand-me-down from Mike… get in!) All of which I sheltered under my black fur coat… again… (why is this outfit repeater making a fashion blog?!) Another day, another beret too… mine was one I got from Select about five years ago – don’t you love when things come back into fashion?


DAY 4 –

Wait a minute… she does have more than one coat!! This vintage Patagonia coat was on Depop for £30 – which is an amazing price for a coat of this standard. It kept me so warm and had loads of pockets – I don’t know why that’s so important but I love having lots of little secret places to keep things (anyone else this weird?!) Underneath I wore an Alpaca wool jumper Mike got me from Peru a few years back which was SO WARM. I tucked it into some mom jeans with a chunky belt. It was a great outfit for exploring the beautiful waterfalls in Almbachklamm!

P.s. the one sock up one sock down was NOT intentional LOL.


SO there you have it, my outfits from our time in Austria & Germany… most of which were from the charity shop or off Depop! I think there are so many great pieces you can get second-hand these days that there is really no reason to be spending hugeee amounts of money on clothes. Plus, the money you will be spending will be going towards a good cause, helping others (as well as yourself to look cool haha).

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’d really appreciate your support/feedback/advice. I’ve got a few good post ideas lined up for the coming weeks – if you can think of anything or if theres anything you’d like to hear about, leave me a comment below!


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