A little explaining to do……

Does anyone even remember me here? Because I don’t!!

Wow… well then. I don’t even know where to begin. My blog has DEFINITELY been taking a back seat in my life the past couple of months and I’m so sorry. I don’t know if anyone else is guilty of this – when I know I should be doing something, I automatically struggle to do it… even if I enjoy it! It’s the exact relationship I have with the gym (lol).


I am trying to get better.


I have SO many ideas for this blog and I’m hoping you’ll excuse my terrible track record for posting consistently and on time. I do love blogging and that’s honestly why I don’t even understand myself sometimes and why I put it off so much.

Anyway, for now, all I can do is apologise and start planning on utilising this thing more!
Is there anything you would like to hear from me? I have some planned pieces coming up on my trips to Bali, Paris and my first ever brand collabs!! So stay tuned,




Tackling trends with cheap alternatives!


I feel like I have some explaining to do… it’s been A WHOLE MONTH since I wrote a blog post – what’s the matter with me? While I was at uni writing two dissertations I dedicated more time to you lol (maybe that’s the secret?)

Basically, while I was in the thick of my final year of uni, an overwhelming pile of ‘things I needed/wanted to do’ when I was finished started to grow like an elephant in the room. While it was nice to imagine life after my essays were submitted, I never realised the overwhelming pressure I was putting on myself to be busy again once I was finished. My calendar was booked up every day, and I just sort of ‘broke’ (first world sob story).

Anyyyyway, I’ve taken a few days to just relaaaax, catch up on Love Island (sorry to any haters but I’m hooked lol) and I feel SO much more positive about things!

Sometimes, our body just NEEDS a break, and we shouldn’t feel guilty about listening to it!


So, once I’d had one too many PJ days, I decided to get my bum in gear and start writing a list of all the blog posts I had stored up, and a couple of ideas to film for my NEW YOUTUBE! When in doubt – go clothes shopping!

I was mooching round some charity shops when I came across a checkered suit for £4… I was gutted because I loved the blazer and print, but the skirt was an ugly, curtain-looking maxi with no shape or flair at all. “I guess I’ll just buy it for the blazer,” I thought, coz at £4, why not? While I was out, I also found this super groovy pink belt for £1!


When I got home, I tried the suit (and curtain skirt) on together – and I loved the look! A checkered co ord is so in atm, esp if it has Clueless vibes. My instagram is filled with people killing it in matching sets, but to buy one new is mega £££. “I wonder…”

As I wasn’t going to keep the skirt, I got a bit ballsy and grabbed some scissors and just cut it there and then. I felt mega impressed with myself (even if it ended up frayed and slightly unprofessional lol). It looked like an entirely different outfit – I mean, I could just picture it on the Topshop website now… and it only cost me £4!

So, the moral of this (longwinded) story is to think outside the box with fashion. Of course, it’s nice to buy into the latest trends, but you can create your very own unique version for like, one tenth of the price! I’m going to be looking for loads more vintage suits with this in mind (could even make trousers into shorts??) – let me know if you’re going to be doing the same!