Friend or foe: Social media and it’s effect on our confidence

Hello! … if you even remember me!

I’ve definitely been a bit AWOL recently on my blog. I guess it’s more the guilt that if I should be typing away, it should be on my uni work (which is sat open on my laptop being ignored lol). It’s even more annoying because all I want to do is blog, but deadlines are looming closer – just ONE DISSERTATION REMAINING (can I hear a woop woop… y am I so uncool ha ha).

ANYWAY, I asked for your help over on my Instagram on something which has been on my mind recently. Since starting my blog and expanding my social media to include fashion and my everyday looks, I’ve found it difficult to truly be confident in myself. I follow a lot of other fashion bloggers on the platform as well as a whole host of beautiful women (& men) who are just constantly slaying on a daily basis. I’m bombarded every day with images of perfect people, living perfect lives.

Even though we know that social media is merely a snapshot of our lives, in our best lighting, angles and with a good filter, it is hard not to feel less confident when comparing yourself to other people.


For me, self-confidence has always been something I’ve struggled with from being called ‘fat’ in primary school. I spent years suffering with my relationship with food and overcoming an eating disorder (soz if this is TMI!) It’s tough sometimes to see these images of ‘skinny’ and beautiful women without reflecting on your own self image and worrying about being not good enough.

I asked you all some questions over on Instagram (if you don’t already, you can follow me here!):

1) Do you use Instagram a lot?
2) Do you follow a lot of ‘beautiful’ people on Instagram?
3) Do you feel less confident after seeing these ‘perfect’ images?
4) Do you ever feel ‘not good enough’ after using Instagram?

Over 100 of you voted (thank you!) and here were the responses:

1) YES (94%) – NOT REALLY (6%)
2) YES (82%) – NO (18%)
3) YES (60%) – NO (40%)
4) YES (45%) – NOT REALLY (55%)


First of all, I think it’s fair to say that nearly all of us use Instagram on a daily basis, and that most of us (especially girls) follow beautiful people. However, I was pleasantly surprised that there were a lot of girls – 40% – who didn’t feel like they lost confidence from social media, and 55% who’d never let it make them feel not good enough (*hands clapping emoji*) Nonetheless, 60% felt they were less confident after seeing these images and 45% had felt ‘not good enough’ after using Instagram… I mean, there’s nothing good about that.

I’d love to offer some pearls of wisdom on this situation, but I really don’t know what’s the best way for us to overcome it. For me, there’s the desire to be ‘more real’ with you all, but at the same time, nobody exactly wants to see me with a greasy bed head, covered in sudocrem in my PJs (actually my existence 99% of the time lol). I’m also nervous about sharing too much of my life and consequently boring you all – probs what I’m doing right now :)))


Ultimately, I think it’s just important for us to take a step back and realise that social media isn’t real life. Even though the online world can be fun, we need to invest in ourselves, our relationships and our real, ‘offline’ life.

I’m really grateful for your help and advice over this post – it’s been so humbling to have so much support over my blog. My journey now is to self-confidence regardless of appearance, and I can honestly say I’m so grateful to you all for your help ❤


Outfit details:
Top – Pull & Bear
Headband – Primark
Trousers – Primark
Sunglasses – Primark
Watch – Daniel Wellington
Bag – St Rocco’s Hospice
Shoes- Barnardos

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