Simple for Spring: Less is More

Hello again!

I hope you’re all enjoying the nice weather – it’s been a beautiful week in England with lots of sunshine and temps over 20 degrees!! I don’t think it even gets this warm in the height of summer lol. Nonetheless, the rain was back today – and will be here for the whole next week. Lucky I’m going to Morocco two weeks tomorrow and finishing uni for good *excited weird dance*!!

Anyway, the beautiful weather gave me the opportunity to get some dresses out – without tights, a pair of Bridget Jones knickers or hypothermia!! Woohoo!! We went for a stroll around the beautiful Allerton Tower Park, which is SO underrated and not at all utilised for how gorgeous it is! I mean –

Processed with VSCO with e2 preset-right?! Sorry to all my Instagram followers, as I’m pretty sure I’m going to milk this location for all future outfit pics!!

ANYWAYYYYY – enough of the rambling, back to the title of the blog… (this is why I always go over the word count on all my essays haha). I got this amazingggg vintage floral button down dress from Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation charity shop and I think it couldn’t be more perfect for Spring. It’s between a midi and a maxi in length, which is really flattering (and also safe for windy days when you don’t want to show your bum in a sudden gust… which has unfortunately been the case for me before!)


The design is Alice by Alice Collins. I have SCOURED the internet to find it (or something about the brand) for you, but I can’t see much. I’m going to keep looking, but I’ve found a few similar ones, especially this New Look dress. I think a dress like this is a must have in any gals Spring wardrobe, as it’s so simple, but so beautiful. I paired it with some chunky sandals, my cute floral circle bag (from St Rocco’s charity shop) and I was good to go!

Sometimes I think in our effort to be fashionable and unique, we think we have to wear big, bright, bold… but simplicity is so beautiful too. I felt ‘fresh’ wearing this outfit… if that even makes sense to anybody haha. It was just so light, floaty and loose – perfect for swishing around in and feeling cool!

Processed with VSCO with e6 preset

I’ve got some amazing pieces to share with you all over the warmer months, and can’t WAIT to get to Morocco for a taste of summer. If you’ve ever been, I’d love some recommendations about what to see in Marrakech / desert tours!!

Thanks so much for reading again and for all your continuous support. I’m always so grateful! If there’s anything you’d like to hear from me next, let me know in the comments below! For now, enjoy the week ahead!



Friend or foe: Social media and it’s effect on our confidence

Hello! … if you even remember me!

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Why I started blogging

Hello again!!

Somehow it’s ended up nearly a fortnight since I last posted and I honestly don’t know how. Time always seems to slip away from you when you’re really depending on it… it’s only two weeks until my first dissertation is due now and I’m sooooo nervous. I’m actually HATING summer me for opting to do two dissertations now… seriously what was I thinking.

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What I’ve learned from the past

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Top Tips for Affordable Travel


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